NorChil Soft Cooler Soft Sided Cooler bag


NorChil Soft Cooler Bags: The Ultimate Soft Sided Cooler

Whether you call them cooler bags, soft sided coolers, of simply soft coolers, coolers will surpass your expectations. Take it camping and have a drink cooler or backpack. Pack it on your boat; guarantee it will be the best collapsible marine cooler you have ever used.

Dual Temp Liners are specially designed to outlive your activities. Puncture resistant, leak proof, and fully insulated. NorChill Soft Cooler Bags are perfect for anything you want to keep HOT, COLD, DRY, or UNDAMAGED.

soft cooler bags are designed to withstand all your outdoor adventures. They keep your food and drinks hot or cold, and double as a travel case or gear bag for electronics. Pack them with heat or ice for camping, hiking, boating, fishing, tailgating, hunting, concerts, motorsports events.


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